*NEW* Fun Times Mini-Packs!

Fun Times is now available in mini-packs of 100 pieces. Create your own event kit by mixing
and matching different mini-packs.

Only $19.99 per mini pack! (plus shipping and handling)

Giveaways                              Magazines
• Bandages                              • Blast Off to Space
• Growth Chart                         • Dinosaurs
• Fitness Activity Game             • Friendship
• Pencils                                   • Green
• Road Trip Bingo Game           • Showtime
• Ronald McDonald Smiles        • Sports
• Table Top Board                      • Underground Adventure
• Travel Guessing Game            • Seasonal: Summer, Halloween or Winter
• Vegetable Seed Packs            • Safety: Road & Bike Safety or Fire Safety

How to order:
Call us toll free: 1-800-661-3336
Email us: funtimes@ddbkidthink.com
Order online: coming soon

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