1. How many giveaways come in a case?
Subscription (DC Delivery): 500 units
Individual Orders (Courier Delivery): 500 units or 100 units

2. Can I customize my order?
Yes, you can pick and choose the giveaways according to your LSM or LRM needs, or sign up for the whole year to receive a new giveaway each month.

3. Can I change my order after it has been placed?
As long as the product has not been shipped out, we will always try to accommodate changes to your orders.

4. Can I place an order directly with the distribution center?
The distribution center will contact us if you want to place an order, so we recommend you place it directly with us.

5. Can you ship my order to my office instead of the restaurant?
Yes, any order can be shipped directly to the address of your choice, via courier.

6. If I place an order today can it be delivered this week through our corresponding distribution center?
In order to deliver product through the distribution centers, orders have to be placed by at least 5 weeks in advance of the in-store month. If the in-store month has passed, we can ship directly to you via courier, if product is still available.

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