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Mar 2017

Fun Times Newsletter – Pop-Out and Play Finger Puppets

Newsletter - Pop-out and Play Finger Puppets

Sep 2015

New Fun Times Giveaways Available!

Fun Times is back with an exciting new line of kids’ giveaways to help your restaurant stand
out from the competition!

Starting at just 15 cents an item, our activity books and giveaways are full of fun,
wholesome family content to create memorable in-restaurant experiences and increase your
community presence.

Click here to visit our products page
or contact us for more information.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-661-3336
Email: funtimes@ddbkidthink.com


Jun 2014

Are You Getting Your Share?

Families account for billions of dollars in business, get your share with Fun Times!
Are you getting your share?
Create great family experiences with Fun Times that will have them coming back for more!

Visit the products page for more information.
$75 for a case of 500 | $19.99 for a Mini Pack of 100


Aug 2013

Fun Times Samples

Watch for Fun Times samples arriving soon, in your August McDonald’s mailing.

Then in September, look out for our brochure featuring 14 new items for the 2014 line-up!


Apr 2013

*NEW* Fun Times Mini-Packs!

Fun Times is now available in mini-packs of 100 pieces. Create your own event kit by mixing
and matching different mini-packs.

Only $19.99 per mini pack! (plus shipping and handling)

Giveaways                              Magazines
• Bandages                              • Blast Off to Space
• Growth Chart                         • Dinosaurs
• Fitness Activity Game             • Friendship
• Pencils                                   • Green
• Road Trip Bingo Game           • Showtime
• Ronald McDonald Smiles        • Sports
• Table Top Board                      • Underground Adventure
• Travel Guessing Game            • Seasonal: Summer, Halloween or Winter
• Vegetable Seed Packs            • Safety: Road & Bike Safety or Fire Safety

How to order:
Call us toll free: 1-800-661-3336
Email us: funtimes@ddbkidthink.com
Order online: coming soon

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